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Chip Ball

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Practice Chipping Golf Balls Anywhere You Can

Practice chipping golf balls in your backyard, at the driving range, indoor golf dome, any field you can find or even using a golf practice mat in your basement. Just do it wherever you can to shave serious strokes from your golf score. Yeah, I know most of you are thinking he must be crazy, but take it from me it is the easiest, quickest way to lower your scores.

How many of you suffer from or have suffered from the dreaded chipping yips? You know, when your ball is a foot off the green and you blade the ball fifty feet past the green. Or you scoop the ball and move it three inches. Every golfer has experienced these moments, so don't feel like you're all alone in this.

Most chipping difficulties arise from poor golf chipping techniques. It is common for the average weekend hacker to try to scoop the ball off the ground. Though most of us know we should hit down on the ball in golf it just doesn't seem normal. This often leads to having little confidence we can actually strike the ball properly and we change our swing right in the middle of it.

This never results in a positive outcome. So we find ourselves chunking, scooping or sculling ball and wondering how we could have been so stupid. One sure fire golden rule in golf is commit to the shot. Anything less will more often than not lead to poor results. The first step to avoiding this is to train the brain.

The good news is the training requires only practice to succeed. When you repeat any process with success the brain will "recall" the necessary steps that created the success. Simply put, through success you gain the confidence required to attain that perfect golf swing. The really great thing about working on improving your chipping skills is how quickly you see results. The stroke is short, simple and does not require the effort or muscle memory required by a full golf swing.

This practice drill will help you tremendously to build feel and confidence.

Practice These Tips

  • Choke down on the club shaft ~ By doing so this will ape your putting storke and help keep your wrists form breaking. Use a palm grip (where you place the grip across your left hand from the index finger and through the middle of the palm). This will also help prevent wrist break.
  • Don't tense up ~ Relax over the ball and allow your shoulders to roll. There is no body turn to the shot. Just think of making a long putt. The object of a chip shot is to reduce flight distance and increase ground distance. Let the ball role to the hole.
  • Strike with a descending blow ~ A correct golf swing for nearly every iron shot requires a  descending blow which creates a shallow divot in front of the ball during follow through. Because of the short swing required by the chip shot you should not be leaving a divot if you are swinging correctly.
  • Practice with a variety of clubs ~ Use these instructions with several lofted clubs and monitor the distance of ball flight and roll.
  • Exercise patience ~ This will reduce your scores significantly if you work at it. Just a few times a week for a couple of weeks and your friends will think you made a deal with the devil. Once you gain confidence in you chip shot there will be no stopping you.

You can practice chipping golf balls anywhere that space is available. A golfer that chips well will reduce the amount of putts required to shoot a good score. With just 5-10 hours of work you're sure to lower your handicap.

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