Ortofon Needle

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What DJ mixer should i get?

Next week I'm going to downtown LA to buy some DJ equipment and I'm hoping to get a deal for a good mixer and a pair of needles. I can probably get a mixer priced at retail $300 for around 200-250 so i was wondering what are some good mixers in the $300 area. Also I'm planning on getting a pair of Ortofon S120's for my Technics 1200's. If you guys have any feedback on those needles or any alternate suggestions that'd be great. Thanks


American Audio MX-1400 DSP
Tascam XS-8, and ecler smacpro20.
Gemini FX7000 and the Behringer DJX700
Here are some good links for you in the future:





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Ortofon Needle

Marcel Boere - Sapphire And Diamond (Ortofon Needle Mix)

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