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Interview with Up and Coming Artist: Black Suede

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 GLOK Interview: BLACK SUEDE - Best Of Every World: The Under Side Of The Music

Current mood: inspired Category: Music BLACK SUEDE - Best Of Every World: The Under Side Of The Music

By: GLOK a.k.a Frank Black

Some people live for the music, some people live through the music.. This next blazin unsigned sensation GLOK & Mafioso brings to you is known to do it all.. Doing it major for SC. Black Suede a.k.a 6 Stakks in the hood has the gift of making/writing music for all genres. With the co-sign from super known names such as Jermaine Dupri and Clive Davis this free agent is not only the Realist R&B artist.... PERIOD, but he is destined for success in the industry with or without approval.. This is what an unbridled passion to succeed sounds like.. NOW LISTEN!!!

GLOK: Expanding beyond the normal (and shining light on the slept on state).. Time to do it South Cak -a-lac style once again.. Got the homie Black Suede in the studio with me.. How you feeling today fam?

BLACK SUEDE: I’m Chillin’… Chillin’… doing’ good.

GLOK: Who is Black Suede, and how would you describe what you do?

BLACK SUEDE: Black Suede is a way of life.. A brand (if you will). What some artists fail to understand while coming up in the game is that your name is just as much of a product as you are. Therefore, you should treat it as such.. You know.. I'm here to make good music and a difference in the lives of others and the world around us.

GLOK: You have a very timeless sound and style.. A mixture of smooth R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, (and many other Top-40 genres)... When did you realize that real musicians don't limit themselves?.. and is it possible for you to pick a favorite genre of music?

BLACK SUEDE: Well I want to start by saying’ that there’s no such thing as “White music” and “Black music”.. It’s all the same to me. I primarily focus on R&B, but at the same time, I am a Music producer, so, in order to be successful, I have to be able to make beats for many types of artists from all genres. In the process, I think, I’ve become one of the most marketable musicians out there. And As you would probably assume, I have no true favorite genre.. Good music is Good music.. Right now, I mainly listen to Hip-Hop and R&B.

GLOK: How did you get your name?

BLACK SUEDE: The name Black Suede was something that I came up with. Being that I am laid back and smooth.. Just like Black because I’m a dark-skinned dude.. In case you can’t But I’ve always embraced that.. and That’s why all the shawties kick it with me on Saturdays (lol).. As far as my Hood name…(6 stakks).. lol.. Well, my homies used to always tease me on the fact that I drove a Pontiac 6000 LE…, so they just started calling’ me 6 stakks (and yea I still have that car to this date).

GLOK: Can you remember back to when you first discovered Hip-Hop?

BLACK SUEDE: I used to listen to a lot of Hip-Hop growing up, but I didn’t really know what it was until I got a little older. When I heard Pac, Biggie, and Jay I knew that this genre was here to stay.

GLOK: I always give artists the chance to reflect on what they have been through (the good, the bad, and the ugly) to get where they are today.. Let's touch on Suede's journey for a moment.. What was life like for you growing up in Rock Hill (shout out to Cran Neely) & Columbia , South Carolina ?

BLACK SUEDE: You know growing up in Columbia was pretty rough. My moms was a single mother, but she made sure that me and my brothas and sistas had what we needed. We didn’t have much, but I can honestly say that I’ve come from “Nothin’ to Somethin’” (Shots out to Loso).. I’m not ashamed of where I’ve come from, and the hardships that I’ve had to overcome.. That’ll just mean that my autobiographical movie will be that much more interesting (lol).

GLOK: So this Hustler's Mentality that you've applied to moving your music and that you say you will "always have".. Does that come from you being in the game (on the block gettin it in or whatever)?.. or is this just how you roll when it comes to achieving what you want?

BLACK SUEDE: A little of both. Those who hear me talk and interact wouldn’t know that I used to spend countless hours out there on the streets…They would have to ask me about it.. You know, when it comes down to it, I’m proud of where I’ve been, because without that background.. I wouldn’t have my thoroughness and Hustler’s instinct.. So yeah, I’m all of the above.

GLOK: What are your views on the South Carolina Hip-Hop/Music scene at the moment?

BLACK SUEDE: Right now, I think that some individuals in South Carolina are too focused on the local level.. I mean.. We have some talent down here, but a lot of them don’t get discovered because they either, lack motivation or the know-how.. I, on the other hand, have made it my business to learn my business. That is.. I’ve read countless books and listened to many entertainment lawyers in order to get a grasp of how the industry really works.. It’s not enough anymore to only have a good creative side.. You have to also understand where your money’s going’.. ya know?!?

GLOK: Who would you say are your musical influences, and why?

BLACK SUEDE: Definitely I’d have to say Akon and T-Pain right now.. They’ve done so much for the industry in the little time that they’ve been here.. I think they’re musical geniuses.. For them to be able to combine R&B and Hip-Hop the way they do definitely excites me about my craft.. So when I make my music.. I compare it to theirs to see if it would hit in the market.

GLOK: You’re in college now (Business and Finance Major) correct?.. Do you promote higher learning (unlike most artists these days)?

BLACK SUEDE: I obviously think that a College education is recommended, but not required.. I mean, there are countless artists who have been very successful without a degree.. I’m in College because after my years as an artist, I still want to be wealthy, therefore I feel that College is right for me.

GLOK: Do you still ghostwrite for other artists?

BLACK SUEDE: Occasionally, I do.. (but) I wouldn’t be a ghostwriter if I told you who I’ve written for.. lol.. but real talk, I’m a serious songwriter.. I pride myself on being able to put words together so well.

GLOK: What do you love most about South Carolina ?

BLACK SUEDE: Let me see (hmmm).. We don’t have any professional teams, and our College teams suck.. lol.. We don’t have much excitement going’ on out here.. I will say that it’s good to see all of the historical monuments and artifacts from the war and stuff.. Overall, Yeah South Carolina is really laid back (it fits my personality).

GLOK: With the major label system going down quicker than a Vegas hooker a lot of people believe this is a great time for indie artists.. What do you think?

BLACK SUEDE: (lol).. I think so, however, I’m almost certain that the majors have something up their sleeves to continue operating in the music industry.. Example, they’re using the 360 deal to get a portion of their artist’s earnings outside of the music industry.. Eventually, bye and bye, the music industry (as we know it) WILL become obsolete.. But the MUSIC will still continue.

GLOK: You have been selling your own music/product out of your trunk since 2007.. How many units or CD's have you personally moved as an unsigned artist?

BLACK SUEDE: Aww man.. That’s a good one.. ummm.. I don’t have an exact number, but I’d say around a couple thousand CD’s (give or take a few hundred).. I must say at $10 a pop, that ain’t doing’ too bad ya feel me.

GLOK: The major label system will NEVER be the same and produce those major dollars and deals because the indie artists got tired of begging for a deal and getting rejected.. Indie artists are smarter now, and technology has provided the tools to create your OWN label, buzz, $, etc.

BLACK SUEDE: The Hip-Hop/music industry, as a whole, is moving away from the record sales, and into an iTunes era.. Fortunately though, there are avenues for indie artists to make a decent living without the major label backing.. Many artists are signing on with KOCH Records, which allows them to retain most of their album revenues. (They split 50/50).. The bottom line is that If you truly want success…you’ll stop at nothing to obtain it (str8 up).

GLOK: What's your favorite Gangster Movie?

BLACK SUEDE: Aww man.. If I don’t say SCARFACE (what kind of G would I be?).. lol.. A modern day movie that I'm diggin’ is AMERICAN GANGSTER.. I’ve seen it like a hundred times, and I can recite all of Frank’s lines (verbatim).. So yea that’s another favorite.

GLOK: Obama will need the spirits of MLK, Kennedy, FDR and Lincoln, as well as a patient public to fulfill his vision of CHANGE.. Do you think people fully understand that if we don't "unite as one" Obama's win will somewhat be fruitless?

BLACK SUEDE: I don’t think that we truly understand that concept.. Obama winning the Presidency shows how far we’ve come as a nation, but we still have a lot of growing to do.. Discrimination still looms in the cities and a lot of things have been said, which lets me know that everyone isn’t on the same page.. If we all don’t set aside our differences and unite, we can't truly progress as a nation.

GLOK Fight Cards: Who do you think would win in a 5 round UFC match between Pimpin Curly (a.k.a 50 Cent) and Officer Ross (a.k.a Rick Ross)?.. Lil Ike (a.k.a Chris Brown) -vs- Trey Songz?

BLACK SUEDE: Ha ha ha, aww man.. In the UFC, I’ma have to give it to 50.. But I’m willing to bet money that Ross gone have the Chopper waiting for 50 before he leaves the arena (lol).. As for Chris Brown and Trey Seezy?!?.. I think I'ma give it to Trey.. He seems like he got that hood in him.

GLOK: It always excites me to see new faces/voices get the approval from well known industry names.. You have been commended and acknowledged by music industry heavyweights such as: Keith Sweat, Clive Davis (J Records), Jermaine Dupri (So So Def), just to name a few.. What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?.. and have these industry all-stars presented you with any good deals or offers yet?

BLACK SUEDE: I’ve been recognized by numerous individuals (in and outside the music industry), but I have to say that my greatest accomplishments so far have to be random people walking up to me and asking, “I know you.. You’re Black Suede!".. That means more to me than anything else. I’ve gotten a lot of looks from a number of labels (majors and Indies ), but I haven’t seen the right package yet. I’m not looking for a huge advance, I just want an opportunity for longevity in the long run.

GLOK: You have produced for some high level artists also.. Can you do a little name dropping for us?

BLACK SUEDE: Well I’ve produced for Nova Soprano’s mix tape.. He’s represented by G-Unit West (you know.. Spider Loc and the boys).. Another off the top of my head Is Urban Heat/Universal. They have an up and coming teenage pop artist that they needed songs for, so you know I was all in. These are just a couple, but I produced so many beats for so many people (signed and unsigned) that I literally lose track of them.. I guess pretty soon, I’ll need a discography huh (lol)?

GLOK: Black Suede aka 6 Stakks aka The Legitimate Superstar (nuff said).. For those that don't already know check him out at to have a private listening session and purchase some GOOD MUSIC.. Keep making major moves brother and Thanks for the cigar.

BLACK SUEDE: You already know.. Thanks for having me.

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